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Metro Pictures Corporation  
Type of Company Production and distribution company
Country of Origination United States of America
Years of Operation Formed January 1915
Active 1915 through 1923
Company Principals Harry Cohen (from 1915)
Joseph Engel (from 1915)
Richard A. Rowland (from 1915)
Marcus Loew (January 1919)
George D. Baker, manager of production, West Coast studio (circa 1919)
Company Offices 1540 Broadway, New York, New York, USA (circa 1923)
Company Studios Romaine and Cahuenga Avenues, Hollywood, California, USA (circa 1923)

Metro Pictures Corporation was organized to control the assets of the defunct Alco Film Corporation. The company moved production to California in 1918. Marcus Loew acquired a controlling interest in the corporation in January 1919. Metro merged with Goldwyn Pictures Corporation in 1923.

Metro Pictures Corporation distributed productions by Metro Pictures Corporation (circa 1917 through 1923), The Amalgamated Producing Company (circa 1922), C.E. Shurtleff, Incorporated (circa 1920), [?] Columbia Film Company or Columbia Pictures Corporation? (circa 1915 through circa 1916), Comique Film Corporation (circa 1920 through circa 1921), Drew Comedies (circa 1917), Dyreda Art Film Corporation (circa 1915), Erbograph Company through The Consolidated Film Corporation (circa 1916), Graf Productions, Incorporated (circa 1922), Harry Garson Productions (circa 1923), Hope Hampton Productions, Incorporated (circa 1920), Hunt Stromberg Productions (circa 1922 through circa 1923), Inspiration Pictures, Incorporated (circa 1923), Iroquois Films (1920), Murray W. Garsson Productions (circa 1923), The Nazimova Productions, Incorporated (circa 1918 through circa 1920), Popular Plays and Players, Incorporated (circa 1916 through circa 1917), Quality Film Productions, Incorporated (circa 1923), Quality Pictures Corporation (1915 through circa 1916), Rolfe Photoplays, Incorporated (circa 1915 through circa 1916), Samuel Zierler Photoplay Corporation (circa 1922 through circa 1923), Sawyer-Lubin Productions (circa 1922), Screen Classics, Incorporated (circa 1920), Serial Producing Corporation (circa 1917), S-L Pictures (circa 1923), S-L Productions (circa 1921), Thomas H. Ince Corporation (circa 1923), Tiffany Film Corporation (1915-1923) and Yorke Film Corporation (circa 1916 through circa 1918).

References: Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  M  >  Metro Pictures Corporation



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