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  Colleen Moore and Tom Gallery.
Frame enlargement: Silent Era image collection.
(1920) American
B&W : Seven reels / 6587 feet
Directed by Marshall Neilan and John McDermott

Cast: Wesley Barry [‘Dinty’ O’Sullivan], Colleen Moore [Doreen O’Sullivan], Tom Gallery [Danny O’Sullivan], J. Barney Sherry [Judge Whitely], Marjorie Daw [Ruth Whitely], Pat O’Malley [Jack North], Noah Beery (Sr.) [Wong Tai], Walter Chung [Sui Lung], Kate Price [Mrs. O’Toole], Tom Wilson [Barry Flynn], Aaron Mitchell [Alexander Horatius Jones], Newton Hall [the tough one], Yung Hipp [Wong Tai’s son], Anna May Wong [Half Moon], Hal Wilson

Marshall Neilan Productions production; distributed by Associated First National Pictures, Incorporated. / Produced by Marshall Neilan. Scenario by Marion Fairfax, from a screen story by Marshall Neilan. Art direction by Ben Carré. Assistant directors, Tom Held (Thomas Held) and George Dromgold. Continuity by Charles Smith. Cinematography by David Kesson, Charles Rosher and Foster Leonard. Edited by Daniel Gray. Film cutter, Bessie Mason. / © 3 January 1921 by Marshall Neilan Productions [LP16312]. Released 29 November 1920. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.


Synopsis: Synopsis available in AFI-F1 n. F1.1043.

Survival status: Print exists [35mm positive (Dutch intertitles)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Listing updated: 19 October 2011.

References: AFI-F1 n. F1.1043; Drew-Speaking pp. 167, 282 : Website-AFI : with additional information provided by Pete Jones and Tor Lier.

Online viewing: Thought Equity.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Dinty (1920)



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