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Vom Reiche
der sechs Punkte



This independent German drama, directed by Hugo Rütters, stars Herr Metzler and Lotte Kleinschmidt in a story of a steel worker who loses his eyesight and must adjust to his new, dark world.

coverEdition Filmmuseum
2007 DVD edition

Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte (1927), color-tinted and color-toned black & white, 100 minutes, not rated.

Edition Filmmuseum, 19, UPC/EAN 4-260100-330191.
One single-sided, dual-layered, Region 0 PAL DVD disc, 1.33:1 aspect ratio image in full-frame 4:3 (? x ? pixels) progressive? scan MPEG-2 format, ? Mbps average video bit rate, ? kbps audio bit rate, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound, German language intertitles, optional English language subtitles, chapter stops; standard DVD keepcase, €19,95.
Release date: June 2007 (reissued January 2009).
Country of origin: Germany
This PAL DVD edition has been produced by Bonner Kinemathek, Filmmuseum München and Rheinischer Blindenfürsorgeverein Düren, from the only surviving print of the film, held by the Kansallinen audiovisuaalinen arkisto.

The film is presented with an improvised piano score performed by Joachim Bärenz.

The supplemental material includes a booklet on the film (with braille), audio descriptive service (in German) for the blind, and DVD-ROM files including contemporary documents and press reviews (in German).

This high-quality edition is recommended to all with a PAL disc player. North American collectors will need a region-free PAL DVD player capable of outputting an NTSC-compatible signal to view this edition.

This Region 0 PAL DVD edition is available directly from EDITION FILMMUSEUM.
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Silent Era Home Page  >  Home Video  >  Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte



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