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The Top 100 Silent Era Films:
Off the List 101-200


The following is a listing of silent era films that have received votes for inclusion on our listing of The Top 100 Silent Era Films. The films on this list start with number 101, indicating their ranking relationship to the Top 100 list films. Here also are the listing of films that have been pushed off the Top 100 list. Several of these films are perhaps a vote or two from being included on the Top 100 list. Some films have received enough votes that they are no longer nominations but do not have and never have had enough votes to reach the Top 100 list.

You can use the links below to vote for those films you think should be in the Top 100 films. Again, we want to remind you that you can vote for as many films as you want (up to 100 films), but we are keeping track of balloting and will allow only one vote per film for each voter.

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Top 100
Remember: Title, year, director, country.

Rank Title Year Director Country of Production
101. Male and Female 1919 Cecil B. DeMille USA
102. The Black Pirate 1926 Albert Parker USA
103. College 1927 James W. Horne USA
104. Aelita 1924 Yakov Protazanov USSR
105. Spione
1928 Fritz Lang Germany
106. Potomok Chingis-khana
[Storm Over Asia]
1928 Vsevolod I. Pudovkin USSR
107. The Covered Wagon 1923 James Cruze USA
108. The Merry Widow 1925 Erich von Stroheim
and Monta Bell
109. Hell’s Hinges 1916 Charles Swickard and
William S. Hart
110. Berg-Ejvind och hans Hustru
[The Outlaw and His Wife]
1918 Victor Sjöström Sweden
111. West of Zanzibar 1928 Tod Browning USA
112. Der Student von Prag
[The Student of Prague]
1926 Henrik Galeen USA
113. The Pilgrim 1923 Charles Chaplin USA
114. Körkarlen
[The Phantom Carriage / The Stroke of Midnight]
1921 Victor Sjöström Sweden
115. Blood and Sand 1922 Fred Niblo USA
116. Spite Marriage 1929 Edward Sedgwick USA
117. Shoulder Arms 1918 Charles Chaplin USA
118. The Strong Man 1926 Frank Capra USA
119. The Ten Commandments 1923 Cecil B. DeMille USA
120. A Woman of Affairs 1928 Clarence Brown USA
121. The Cat and the Canary 1927 Paul Leni USA
122. Hands Up! 1926 Clarence Badger USA
123. Regeneration 1915 Raoul Walsh USA
124. The Scarlet Letter 1926 Victor Sjöström USA
125. Piccadilly 1929 E.A. Dupont England
126. Liberty 1929 Leo McCarey USA
127. Berlin: die Sinfonie einer Großstadt
[Berlin: The Symphony of a Great City]
1927 Walter Ruttmann Germany
128. Our Dancing Daughters 1928 Harry Beaumont USA
129. Umarete wa Mita Keredo
[I Was Born, But . . . ]
1932 Yasujiro Ozu Japan
130. The Playhouse 1921 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
131. The Marriage Circle 1924 Ernst Lubitsch USA
132. A Girl in Every Port 1928 Howard Hawks USA
133. A Dog’s Life 1918 Charles Chaplin USA
134. The Gaucho 1927 F. Richard Jones USA
135. Gertie the Trained Dinosaur 1914 Winsor McCay USA
136. Go West 1925 Buster Keaton USA
137. True Heart Susie 1919 D.W. Griffith USA
138. Kurutta ippeiji
[A Page of Madness]
1926 Teinosuke Kinugasa Japan
139. Tell It to the Marines 1926 George W. Hill USA
140. The Great K & A Train Robbery 1926 Louis Seiler USA
141. Grandma’s Boy 1922 Fred Newmeyer USA
142. Arsenal 1929 Aleksandr Dovzhenko USSR
143. Menschen am Sonntag
[People on Sunday]
1930 Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer Germany
144. Blind Husbands 1919 Erich von Stroheim USA
145. Le Joueur d’échecs
[The Chess Player]
1927 Raymond Bernard France
146. Tret’ia Meshchanskaia
[Bed and Sofa]
1927 Abram Room USSR
147. The Patsy 1928 King Vidor USA
148. Battling Butler 1926 Buster Keaton USA
149. One Week 1920 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
150. Easy Street 1917 Charles Chaplin USA
151. Why Worry? 1923 Fred Newmeyer and
Sam Taylor
152. Scaramouche 1923 Rex Ingram USA
153. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett
1924 Paul Leni USA
154. Don Juan 1926 Alan Crosland USA
155. Our Daily Bread
[City Girl]
1929 F.W. Murnau USA
156. Hindle Wakes 1927 Maurice Elvey England
157. Tumbleweeds 1925 King Baggot USA
158. For Heaven’s Sake 1926 Sam Taylor USA
159. Two Tars 1928 James Parrott USA
160. Jujiro
1928 Teinosuke Kinugasa Japan
161. The Cure 1917 Charles Chaplin USA
162. Lonesome 1928 Paul Fejos USA
163. La Chute de la maison Usher
[The Fall of the House of Usher]
1928 Jean Epstein France
164. Daddy-Long-Legs 1919 Marshall Neilan USA
165. What Price Glory? 1926 Raoul Walsh USA
166. The Sea Hawk 1924 Frank Lloyd USA
167. Der brennende Acker
[The Burning Soil]
1922 F.W. Murnau Germany
168. Entr’acte 1924 René Clair France
169. Three Ages 1923 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
170. Asphalt 1929 Joe May Germany
171. Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed
[The Adventures of Prince Achmed]
1926 Lotte Reiniger Germany
172. The Eagle 1925 Clarence Brown USA
173. J’Accuse 1918 Abel Gance France
174. Ménilmontant 1926 Dmitri Kirsanov France
175. Peter Pan 1924 Herbert Brenon USA
176. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1917 Marshall Neilan USA
177. Within Our Gates 1920 Oscar Micheaux USA
178. The Trail of ’98 1928 Clarence Brown USA
179. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp 1926 Harry Edwards USA
180. Brown of Harvard 1926 Jack Conway USA
181. Hot Water 1924 Sam Taylor and
Fred Newmeyer
182. Tartüff 1925 F.W. Murnau Germany
183. The Finishing Touch 1928 Clyde Bruckman USA
184. Po zakonu
[By the Law]
1926 Lev Kuleshov USSR
185. White Shadows in the South Seas 1928 W.S. Van Dyke USA
186. Lady Windermere’s Fan 1925 Ernst Lubitsch USA
187. The Whispering Chorus 1918 Cecil B. DeMille USA
188. Die Austernprinzessin
[The Oyster Princess]
1919 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
189. Casanova 1927 Alexander Volkov France
190. L’Argent 1928 Marcel L’Herbier France
191. The Rink 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
192. Behind the Screen 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
193. La Bohème 1926 King Vidor USA
194. Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness 1927 Merian C. Cooper and
Ernest B. Schoedsack
195. Cobra 1925 Joseph Henabery USA
196. The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend 1906 Edwin S. Porter USA
197. The Electric House 1922 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
198. Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life 1925 Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack USA
199. Laugh, Clown, Laugh 1928 Herbert Brenon USA
200. The Pawnshop 1916 Charles Chaplin USA

Tope 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

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